Tuesday, 16 February 2016


So a couple of weeks ago I was asked to form part of our business training by giving some pointers about blogging and how to set up a blog. Whilst doing that it made me realise how much I enjoy putting up new posts and just giving people an insight into different things. Therefore since then I've desperately been wanting to put up a new post but I've not known what to post so up until now I've left it.
However, today's been one of them days that's just made me realise a few things. So thought I'd share them with you all.
So recently I've been working four days a week instead of five and you wouldn't think that would make much difference but I feel like I have more time to do things now. Although it isn't my fault that I'm working less, my hours have been cut, I still feel like I shouldn't be at home doing what I want when I could be earning in my job. What hadn't really become clear to me until today was the potential I have to earn on these days off, this is the time that I can spend really building my business. So I'm taking a slightly different outlook on things now I'm not looking at the fact that my hours have been cut I'm concentrating on trying to earn more than I could have by going to work for that day.
With all this in mind I find myself feeling so much more positive after a day like today. I don't mind my job but I never come back feeling uplifted or positive, I find myself feeling drainined and then this affects my evening.
So this is how my day went today. I spent some time with Jack before he went to work, then I got up and made some breakfast, not very exciting I know but it impacts your day when you can do this rather than dashing to work. So after that I took my little doggy out for a walk in the lovely sunshine and it was nice to spend sometime outdoors and I came back feeling refreshed (and freezing despite the sun). I then just spent some time looking into different things; events going on near me, different business pages, set up a business page on Twitter, made a few posts etc. Throughout the day I had time to just look at different things that otherwise I wouldn't have seen, I watched a video of a girl from Ireland who just qualified for ruby and she was over the moon.
So after watching that my mind started running away with itself, I was thinking about when that will happen to me, how I'll tell jack that we're going away all expenses paid etc. Forward thinking you might say but if you believe it you can achieve it, that's what they say isn't it.
I wasn't thinking about the money, just the little things like telling him, and celebrating and how great it'd be to know you've achieved that. So today has made me realise how much I appreciate the little things. Like been able to clean the house and cook tea ready for when jack gets home knowing that I've had orders coming in throughout the day aswell. Or taking the dog out in the sun while I post in Facebook and network with people. That's what's important spending time doing things you love, not coming back from work so drained that you forget about those things.
I've only been in this business for around six weeks now but it's changed my perspective on a lot of things. I've spoke to more people these last six weeks than I'd ever imagine, not just to recruit people but just to chat. I've recently met up with a really good friend from a few years ago because she contacted me to say how great she thought this was. It's so nice to hear from like minded people or people praising you instead of dragging you down.
So there's been a lot to consider in this post and I guess what I'm trying to say is, appreciate the little things in life whilst you're working towards the bigger things. Too many people don't live life because they're too busy looking at the future working each day to find in ten years nothing's changed and they've missed out on so much. Look forward to the future but enjoy what you have today also.
As always thanks for taking the time to read this, it's a bit different to my last two posts but I just wanted to explain those things.
Abbyyelise xx

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