Wednesday, 12 October 2016


So as you've probably guessed from the above - my blog has now moved to a new site.

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Monday, 23 May 2016


So I've been asked to share my skincare secrets on my blog, what I use, cleansers, toners, moisturisers etc. Do I have an intensive skincare regime or am I more of a quick and simple kinda girl ?!
Well, skincare is often overlooked especially when we're younger. Some of us are blessed with the perfect skin that doesn't really require any unkeep, trust me when I say you are the lucky ones! However a little skincare never hurt no-one and for some of us it's a requirement and while it's easy to forget about it we need to remember that a skincare routine never hurt no-one.
Now we all know the feeling we get when we arrive home from a late night and all you want to do is fall into bed, yes we've all been there. We don't give a second thought to anything, now you might just manage to brush your teeth but removing make up AND then having to go through an intensive regime no thankyou! So I'm the kinda girl who's routine is pretty quick and simple and that's what I'm going to show you, some products that qive the illusion of an extensive skin care routine but in actual fact only take a couple of minutes which is perfect!!
First of all here are the things I'm currently using and that are working for me, then I'll go onto some products that I'm dying to get my hands on. So my first skin care secret isn't really a big secret, in fact it's a well known fact. We need to keep hydrated! Now I'm not the biggest fan of drinking water and I'm terrible at drinking a reasonable amount each day but it makes the biggest difference. I recently decided to be more strict with myself in order to make sure that my intake of water increased. I did quite well and other than going to the toilet quite often it made a great difference to my skin, I have really dry skin and so my skin benefits from this so so so much! See I told you not difficult to implement my first skin care tip is something you may already do and if you don't it couldn't be easier to introduce into your daily routine.
So what else can I let you in on ? Well I've recently discovered an amazing product that keeps my skin clean and clear, it's a mud mask that I apply twice a week (again super easy and quick). It's the 'Epoch Glacial Marine Mud' it's made with all natural ingredients and it visibly removes dirt and impurities from the skin. This product pulls all the dirt from your skin without drying your skin out, as a girl who spent her teenage years buying £1 face masks from various places and admittedly tried almost all of them, I can honestly say they don't even come close to this one. It comes in a tube and lasts for a good 15 applications, great value for money and perfect for giving your face that deep clean every so often.

Another product that goes hand in hand with this and is also my all time favourite skincare product is a moisture mist. Now I know what you're all thinking, who needs a moisture mist? I can do without that it's not a skincare essential and yes you're right because it's so much more than a skincare essential. I use this product at least five times a day, this is because this mist contains humectants which draw moisture to your skin throughout the day, whereas a cream would soak into the skin then stop working once dried. Now I know I can't be the only one who has experienced this, if you suffer with dry skin this will sound all too familiar. So you apply your make up in the morning then we get around 1pm and you can feel your skin tightening because it's becoming dry, well you can't apply a moisturiser because that would ruin your make up so what can you do ?! Well I think you know what I'm going to suggest - the moisture mist. So with that in mind you're now thinking well what else can I use it for ? Well I think the question should be what can't I use it for, currently I use this as a primer, a setting spray, an alternative to water when wetting my beauty blender, a heat protector, a leave in conditioner and I also reactivate my mud mask with it once dry. If you take anything from this blog post it should be to invest in this moisture mist.
These two products have made a dramatic difference to my skin, it's no longer dry instead it holds moisture so my skin is always soft. However, as a typical girl there's always something else we've got our eye on we'd be lying if we said there wasn't. I've recently discovered the new beauty range from FarFetch that launched this year, and with summer coming up we're all on the look out for skincare products that will allow us to go bare faced to the beach. There's nothing worse than a face full of make up on a sunny day. So I've picked out four products that I'll be getting my hands on in the very near future as I think these will be perfect additions to my routine for summer.
1) Eve Lom Kiss Mix - a moisturising lip treatment to soothe and repair dry, chapped lips. A nice addition to anyone's skincare because our lips need some tlc aswell.
2) James Read Tan Accelerator - speeds up the natural tanning process to accelerate and extend any tan. We all want that summer glow so what better way to achieve it than with this!
3) Malin + Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser - a cleansing gel that purifies without drying out the skin, leaving skin hydrated and blemish free. This will be perfect for my skin and so refreshing in a morning with it containing the grapefruit extract.
4) Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector - a shimmering tinted moisturiser to give your face a healthy and natural glow. Now I think this is technically a beauty product rather than skincare but it fits perfectly as a summer essential and I cannot wait to try it.
All these can be found on the FarFetch website along with so many more, there really is something for everyone. I've only recently discovered it and I'm blown away with the amount of products on their site, they also have an offer on at the moment where you get 10% off your first order, it's a win win situation!
Now the last thing on my wishlist is a little different, it's still skincare related but it's your normal cleanser or cream. I mentioned before that I suffer from dry skin but not so long ago I also suffered with spots, the trouble was spot treatments dried my skin out more and dry skin treatments made my skin oily and spotty. So I was in limbo and I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't fit into the general categories of skincare: normal, dry, oily and mature. The problem being that we are generally a combination of them or even if we aren't surely a younger girl is going to need different creams to an old lady even if they do both suffer from dry skin for example.

So this is where the Ageloc Me device comes in this is a device that personalises skincare just for you, yep that's right just for your skin, how YOU like it. So how it works is you use an app on your phone to go through 40 questions regarding your skin; pore size, age, preferred texture and scents etc. The app then gives you a unique code that represents your skin type, this is used to order cartridges that go in the device and provide you with a serum, a night cream and a day cream. It couldn't be easier! Once the device is set up with your cartridges it will flash at you each morning and night when you need to use it, you simply place your hand underneath and it will dispense the correct amount of product for you to use.
Amazing right ?! What if I told you it does get better, there's more. The device uses micro layering which means that the products are sealed and separated right up until the moment that they are dispensed. This means there is no risk of cross contamination, but not only this it also means that we can mix products that would otherwise cancel each other out. Some products are only effective alone and once mixed don't work in the same way, the device allows them to stay separate and so they don't have this effect. Last but not least there is no need for fillers or excess oils in the products, these are generally used to prevent bacteria spreading when it's opened and closed and dirty fingers are put into them. As all the cartridges are sealed and the product is dispensed without the need to touch the device there's no risk of contamination and so no need for the fillers meaning that you are getting a product full of product.

I cannot wait to get my hands on this and the products from FarFetch, we all need that skincare routine even if it is very minimal. Your skin will be thanking you and you'll notice a massive difference, so next time you fall into bed with your make up on please do make the effort to get back up and look after your skin, however hard it may be.
Just wanted to quickly say that this post isn't about my business it's about my skincare routine but I do want to mention I am currently retailing three of these products (Epoch Marine Mud, Moisture Mist and the Ageloc me) so if you would like more info please comment and I'll get in touch. I have included these because I wanted to give a true reflection of what I use and wouldn't want people to be unsure where they can get hold of them.

Abbyyelise xx

Friday, 4 March 2016


So as I've started to build my business I've also decided that I want to develop my blog further and become more focused on it. As part of this I want to start to connect with bloggers, brands and begin to attend some blogger events. This will allow me to network with like minded people and it will also benefit my business. So as part of this I've started to join Facebook groups that are relevant to this. Within just a day of doing I managed to connect with a company named CoConut Lane and I am now one of their Brand Ambassadors.
It's great to know that they want me to help promote their brand and I'm looking forward to it. So if you're wanting to know a bit about the company, what they sell and to get your hands on my discount code keep listening!
If you love all things glitter, sass and unicorns then you're gonna love what they have to offer. So you can head over to their website by clicking here.
They offer a range of different printed quotes to be used as wall art which can be purchased with or without the frame.
They then offer a range of different jewellery pieces from earrings to bracelets, all of which create a subtle but extremely stylish addition to any outfit.
In addition to this there's a selection of phone cases to choose from, which continue with the theme ranging from flamingos, to pineapples, to unicorns with something for everyone's individual style.
Last but not least they stock a range of greetings cards which are sure to make someone smile with their witty one liners on the front.
I know that'll I'll certainly be placing an order very shortly as this website is very me! Here are a few of my favourite picks, which are also linked so you can shop them directly.
The Marbe Effect phone case which would look great in Instagram photos (cos we all know that's why you buy a phone case).
Or if that's not your thing why not show your fun side with the Flamingo Case.
This will be going on the wall in my room to remind me to stay focused on what's important, I love the simplicity of these and they have many more. This one can be shopped here.
These are a few of the bangles that they have on the website, like I said simple but extremely stylish, my favourite is the marble one which will be getting ordered very shortly. Ive not linked these but they're under the jewellery section on the website.
It can't be just me who finds this hilarious! Needs no words but can be shopped here.
So if you're thinking of taking a look and ordering some bits I've been given a discount code for all my lovely readers. Enter the code abbyelise20 to receive 20% at the checkout.
And why not enter their giveaway while you're at it, you've nothing to lose but you do have the chance to win £150 to spend at coconut lane and LYDC (£50 at Coconut Lane and £100 at LYDC). Take a look and enter here.
Thanks for reading once again.
Abbyyelise xx

Tuesday, 16 February 2016


So a couple of weeks ago I was asked to form part of our business training by giving some pointers about blogging and how to set up a blog. Whilst doing that it made me realise how much I enjoy putting up new posts and just giving people an insight into different things. Therefore since then I've desperately been wanting to put up a new post but I've not known what to post so up until now I've left it.
However, today's been one of them days that's just made me realise a few things. So thought I'd share them with you all.
So recently I've been working four days a week instead of five and you wouldn't think that would make much difference but I feel like I have more time to do things now. Although it isn't my fault that I'm working less, my hours have been cut, I still feel like I shouldn't be at home doing what I want when I could be earning in my job. What hadn't really become clear to me until today was the potential I have to earn on these days off, this is the time that I can spend really building my business. So I'm taking a slightly different outlook on things now I'm not looking at the fact that my hours have been cut I'm concentrating on trying to earn more than I could have by going to work for that day.
With all this in mind I find myself feeling so much more positive after a day like today. I don't mind my job but I never come back feeling uplifted or positive, I find myself feeling drainined and then this affects my evening.
So this is how my day went today. I spent some time with Jack before he went to work, then I got up and made some breakfast, not very exciting I know but it impacts your day when you can do this rather than dashing to work. So after that I took my little doggy out for a walk in the lovely sunshine and it was nice to spend sometime outdoors and I came back feeling refreshed (and freezing despite the sun). I then just spent some time looking into different things; events going on near me, different business pages, set up a business page on Twitter, made a few posts etc. Throughout the day I had time to just look at different things that otherwise I wouldn't have seen, I watched a video of a girl from Ireland who just qualified for ruby and she was over the moon.
So after watching that my mind started running away with itself, I was thinking about when that will happen to me, how I'll tell jack that we're going away all expenses paid etc. Forward thinking you might say but if you believe it you can achieve it, that's what they say isn't it.
I wasn't thinking about the money, just the little things like telling him, and celebrating and how great it'd be to know you've achieved that. So today has made me realise how much I appreciate the little things. Like been able to clean the house and cook tea ready for when jack gets home knowing that I've had orders coming in throughout the day aswell. Or taking the dog out in the sun while I post in Facebook and network with people. That's what's important spending time doing things you love, not coming back from work so drained that you forget about those things.
I've only been in this business for around six weeks now but it's changed my perspective on a lot of things. I've spoke to more people these last six weeks than I'd ever imagine, not just to recruit people but just to chat. I've recently met up with a really good friend from a few years ago because she contacted me to say how great she thought this was. It's so nice to hear from like minded people or people praising you instead of dragging you down.
So there's been a lot to consider in this post and I guess what I'm trying to say is, appreciate the little things in life whilst you're working towards the bigger things. Too many people don't live life because they're too busy looking at the future working each day to find in ten years nothing's changed and they've missed out on so much. Look forward to the future but enjoy what you have today also.
As always thanks for taking the time to read this, it's a bit different to my last two posts but I just wanted to explain those things.
Abbyyelise xx

Friday, 29 January 2016


So three weeks ago I made the decision to start my own business. The thought of owning my own business always scared me slightly, the concept was something I never considered for myself mainly due to fear of the unknown I guess. How was I suppose to start a business ? The idea that I would be responsible for everything definitely intimidated me, I didn't think that I could be that type of person.

Typically when you start your own business, you need an upfront investment; one that many young people just don't have. However, I have recently started my business with absolutely no upfront investment, just a creative mind, motivation and a bit of hard work. I understand that it can be a scary thought but this opportunity has shown me that building a business doesn't have to be scary, as a matter of fact it can be extremely rewarding and exciting.

So if you read my last blogpost you'll have learnt a bit about the opportunity that I've been given but if not I'll tell you a bit about it now. So over the last year or so I have been watching my mum begin to start her own business. I always thought this suited her but wasn't confident that I had the ability to do so. She has chosen to partner with a massively successful company in order to create her own business and income. The business is network marketing which I knew nothing about other than the negative stuff that people say. However I have watched from the sidelines and it has really begun to make sense. I see people my age achieving fantastic things, buying their own houses, cars and more by building their own team of motivated coachable individuals. Recently I have decided to join this business and by primarily using social media platforms I hope that it will really take off.

I never thought I would do this but I can now see how this works and the thought of being in control of my own business, money and success is amazing. I love the idea that I'm responsible for my own success and the decision to start my business was much easier than first thought. Don't get me wrong it's hard work but I know that I am capable of it and that's what's important: believing in yourself.

So here's a bit about my first couple of weeks as a business owner.

I think it's important to create a brand for yourself, so I knew right away that I needed a logo and a business page. This helps me to keep things looking consistent and ensures that everything can be directly related back to my brand. Me and Jack (mostly Jack) had a play around on word in order to create a logo that was girly but professional. He created a few and eventually we settled on the very first one that he made, I love it and I am really impressed with how it turned out considering it cost me nothing! I'm looking forward to getting some business cards printed that will help me further promote my brand/business.

I have placed my first order of products for my customers and it has just arrived as I am writing this post, I cannot wait to get these products out to them but I best finish this post first. I know how great these products are and cannot wait for my customers to see the same. Ive also made friends with the UPS man, he used to deliver to my mum and although I've moved out and into my own house now he's still seems to remember me, must be the brand!

I have also signed two people to my team within the last week which allows them to do exactly what I'm doing. It's so exciting sharing the journey with them and helping them build their business, in effect we're all building our own businesses but we can help, support and coach each other aswell. I have had a few business meetings with these two and I can see that they understand the business model and I am excited for their futures. They both have young children and this enables them to spend time with their young ones whilst they also build a business. What could be better than combining a business meeting with spending valuable with my little baby niece?Its so felxible because it's our business, we make the rules and having her there reminds her mum why she's building this type of business.This is the type of freedom your own business gives you, and I guess it reminds you exactly what you're working for.

I have also attended a networking event with my mum where we had a business stall and met other likeminded ladies who were introducing their businesses also. I remember we were taught about networking at uni but I learnt so much more on this night than uni could have ever taught me. I also won a session with a business coach which I am quite apprehensive about just because it's something completely new to me. I know that it will be beneficial to me and couldn't be better timing which is why I will be going even tho it is slightly out of my comfort zone.

With the risk of this post of being too long I'm going to leave it there. I'm sure there'll be many more posts to write as my business grows, but this is an insight into my first couple of weeks as a business owner.

Keep watching for more posts and if you want any more information contact me:

Abbyyelise xx


Wednesday, 13 January 2016


So I'm pretty sure I'm not the only who still has no idea what they want to do in terms of their career. I know I don't speak for everyone when I say this but it's hard to plan a future when you have no idea which path to go down. Don't worry you're not alone! That's why I thought I'd write this post as it can be pretty daunting when it hits you that you need to decide and you never know it may help you too.

So I'm going to tell you about my story so far and also about an opportunity that was offered to me but one I never thought I would consider until now.

Currently I am working in retail on a part time basis but working full time when they need me. This essentially means that they control my hours and my income. I don't mind my job but I don't see this as being my career, in terms of career progression there isn't really any. Initially this began as a part time job whilst I was studying at university in order to earn some extra income.

The decision to go to uni was an easy one for me as I had no clue what career path I wanted to take and so getting a job wasn't something I considered. I had the grades to go to uni and I felt like I wanted to continue studying. So after choosing to study languages and having a last minute change of heart I went to uni to study events management.

However two years on, so much has changed. Whilst at uni it seemed that the majority of people just wanted to get drunk and get as far into their overdraft as humanly possible. I knew that this was not what I wanted. During my first year I met my boyfriend, and things became serious quite quickly and we wanted to save for a house which is why I started my job in retail.

We moved in together in April deciding to rent whilst saving to buy a house. This made me start to question my decision to go to uni as I felt like I wasn't moving forward. It came to September 2015 when I should have been entering my third year and I decided I really didn't want to go back. There were many reasons for this and despite many people saying that I should finish the course I chose to take a gap year. In hindsight this gives me the option to return but I don't think that I will.

So currently, I have a diploma in events management now because I have completed two years of study. So I find myself still working in retail whilst also looking for a full time job. I still don't really know what career path to take but I have decided to look at events jobs just because that's where my experience is.

Whilst this has been going on I have been watching my mum begin to start her own business. She has chosen to partner with a massively successful company in order to create her own business and income. The business is network marketing which I knew nothing about other than the negative stuff that people say. However I have watched from the sidelines and it has really begun to make sense. I see people my age achieving fantastic things, buying their own houses, cars and more by building their own team of motivated coachable individuals. Recently I have decided to join this business and by primarily using social media platforms I hope that it will really take off. I never thought I would do this but I can now see how this works and the thought of being in control of my own business, money and success is amazing.

So what do you think ? Is this something you thought you would or could never do like me? Do you have spare time and think this could be for you ?

Do you dream of working from home ?

Do you want to be financially free ?

Earning a full time wage working hours that suit you ?

Trying out new beauty products ?

It's not too good to be true believe me I have seen it. This opportunity is right there for the taking.

If this sounds appealing to you don't hesitate to contact me, even if you just want to know more.

Email me at

Hope you enjoyed this post keep watching for more.

Abbyyelise xx