Friday, 29 January 2016


So three weeks ago I made the decision to start my own business. The thought of owning my own business always scared me slightly, the concept was something I never considered for myself mainly due to fear of the unknown I guess. How was I suppose to start a business ? The idea that I would be responsible for everything definitely intimidated me, I didn't think that I could be that type of person.

Typically when you start your own business, you need an upfront investment; one that many young people just don't have. However, I have recently started my business with absolutely no upfront investment, just a creative mind, motivation and a bit of hard work. I understand that it can be a scary thought but this opportunity has shown me that building a business doesn't have to be scary, as a matter of fact it can be extremely rewarding and exciting.

So if you read my last blogpost you'll have learnt a bit about the opportunity that I've been given but if not I'll tell you a bit about it now. So over the last year or so I have been watching my mum begin to start her own business. I always thought this suited her but wasn't confident that I had the ability to do so. She has chosen to partner with a massively successful company in order to create her own business and income. The business is network marketing which I knew nothing about other than the negative stuff that people say. However I have watched from the sidelines and it has really begun to make sense. I see people my age achieving fantastic things, buying their own houses, cars and more by building their own team of motivated coachable individuals. Recently I have decided to join this business and by primarily using social media platforms I hope that it will really take off.

I never thought I would do this but I can now see how this works and the thought of being in control of my own business, money and success is amazing. I love the idea that I'm responsible for my own success and the decision to start my business was much easier than first thought. Don't get me wrong it's hard work but I know that I am capable of it and that's what's important: believing in yourself.

So here's a bit about my first couple of weeks as a business owner.

I think it's important to create a brand for yourself, so I knew right away that I needed a logo and a business page. This helps me to keep things looking consistent and ensures that everything can be directly related back to my brand. Me and Jack (mostly Jack) had a play around on word in order to create a logo that was girly but professional. He created a few and eventually we settled on the very first one that he made, I love it and I am really impressed with how it turned out considering it cost me nothing! I'm looking forward to getting some business cards printed that will help me further promote my brand/business.

I have placed my first order of products for my customers and it has just arrived as I am writing this post, I cannot wait to get these products out to them but I best finish this post first. I know how great these products are and cannot wait for my customers to see the same. Ive also made friends with the UPS man, he used to deliver to my mum and although I've moved out and into my own house now he's still seems to remember me, must be the brand!

I have also signed two people to my team within the last week which allows them to do exactly what I'm doing. It's so exciting sharing the journey with them and helping them build their business, in effect we're all building our own businesses but we can help, support and coach each other aswell. I have had a few business meetings with these two and I can see that they understand the business model and I am excited for their futures. They both have young children and this enables them to spend time with their young ones whilst they also build a business. What could be better than combining a business meeting with spending valuable with my little baby niece?Its so felxible because it's our business, we make the rules and having her there reminds her mum why she's building this type of business.This is the type of freedom your own business gives you, and I guess it reminds you exactly what you're working for.

I have also attended a networking event with my mum where we had a business stall and met other likeminded ladies who were introducing their businesses also. I remember we were taught about networking at uni but I learnt so much more on this night than uni could have ever taught me. I also won a session with a business coach which I am quite apprehensive about just because it's something completely new to me. I know that it will be beneficial to me and couldn't be better timing which is why I will be going even tho it is slightly out of my comfort zone.

With the risk of this post of being too long I'm going to leave it there. I'm sure there'll be many more posts to write as my business grows, but this is an insight into my first couple of weeks as a business owner.

Keep watching for more posts and if you want any more information contact me:

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  1. Wow, that's amazing! It was so good to see that from your point of view. I might be starting my own business soon as well, I just don't have the courage, I guess.
    By the way, check out if you use a mailing list - it will make it perfectly clean and valid.