Wednesday, 13 January 2016


So I'm pretty sure I'm not the only who still has no idea what they want to do in terms of their career. I know I don't speak for everyone when I say this but it's hard to plan a future when you have no idea which path to go down. Don't worry you're not alone! That's why I thought I'd write this post as it can be pretty daunting when it hits you that you need to decide and you never know it may help you too.

So I'm going to tell you about my story so far and also about an opportunity that was offered to me but one I never thought I would consider until now.

Currently I am working in retail on a part time basis but working full time when they need me. This essentially means that they control my hours and my income. I don't mind my job but I don't see this as being my career, in terms of career progression there isn't really any. Initially this began as a part time job whilst I was studying at university in order to earn some extra income.

The decision to go to uni was an easy one for me as I had no clue what career path I wanted to take and so getting a job wasn't something I considered. I had the grades to go to uni and I felt like I wanted to continue studying. So after choosing to study languages and having a last minute change of heart I went to uni to study events management.

However two years on, so much has changed. Whilst at uni it seemed that the majority of people just wanted to get drunk and get as far into their overdraft as humanly possible. I knew that this was not what I wanted. During my first year I met my boyfriend, and things became serious quite quickly and we wanted to save for a house which is why I started my job in retail.

We moved in together in April deciding to rent whilst saving to buy a house. This made me start to question my decision to go to uni as I felt like I wasn't moving forward. It came to September 2015 when I should have been entering my third year and I decided I really didn't want to go back. There were many reasons for this and despite many people saying that I should finish the course I chose to take a gap year. In hindsight this gives me the option to return but I don't think that I will.

So currently, I have a diploma in events management now because I have completed two years of study. So I find myself still working in retail whilst also looking for a full time job. I still don't really know what career path to take but I have decided to look at events jobs just because that's where my experience is.

Whilst this has been going on I have been watching my mum begin to start her own business. She has chosen to partner with a massively successful company in order to create her own business and income. The business is network marketing which I knew nothing about other than the negative stuff that people say. However I have watched from the sidelines and it has really begun to make sense. I see people my age achieving fantastic things, buying their own houses, cars and more by building their own team of motivated coachable individuals. Recently I have decided to join this business and by primarily using social media platforms I hope that it will really take off. I never thought I would do this but I can now see how this works and the thought of being in control of my own business, money and success is amazing.

So what do you think ? Is this something you thought you would or could never do like me? Do you have spare time and think this could be for you ?

Do you dream of working from home ?

Do you want to be financially free ?

Earning a full time wage working hours that suit you ?

Trying out new beauty products ?

It's not too good to be true believe me I have seen it. This opportunity is right there for the taking.

If this sounds appealing to you don't hesitate to contact me, even if you just want to know more.

Email me at

Hope you enjoyed this post keep watching for more.

Abbyyelise xx



  1. Hey! Fantastic post and congratulations on your diploma in event management! How did you like it? I have to choose the uni in a month or two and I have no idea where to go, so I am still open to suggestions.
    And yes, thinking of working from home, with flexible hours, doing what you like sounds too good to be true, yet, I still aspire to someday open my own business and have all the freedom. Maybe someday, who knows. And I wish you the very best in your future :D

    1. Thank you!! I decided to go to a uni in my hometown so that I didn't have to move away. But the uni life didn't really suit me tbh. I'm really enjoying what I'm doing at the minute and hopefully one day I can leave my job and just develop it further. :)