Wednesday, 18 November 2015


So last week I popped into boots before my birthday night out to grab some hairspray.. However I got slightly sidetracked and ending up making the most of the 3 for 2 offers in both boots and superdrug. For a while now I have had a little list in my head of products that I need to try.. This is due to my slight obsession with watching beauty videos on YouTube and so I decided to try them for myself.
So I ending up buying six new products all of which were new to me and I was trying for the first time.. So I thought I would also include a bit about how I've found the products and whether I would buy them again.
1) Rimmel's Lasting Finish by Kate in Shade '03'.
I first came across this lipstick whilst I was reading a blogpost titled 'MAC 'Velvet Teddy' dupe' on Personally I have never tried 'Velvet Teddy' but I have seen it on others and love the subtle nude shade, I just never went and actually bought it. When I realised that this dupe was available I immediately wanted to try it, and at a fraction of the price in comparison to the MAC lipstick I was sold.
I would definitely recommend this it's the perfect nude colour which makes it wearable for almost any occasion. It doesn't have a completely matte finish but it's not a glossy finish either it's somewhere in between and would be perfect for those who want to wear a lipstick but like to steer away from bold colours. I will certainly be repurchasing this one and most likely trying others in the range.
2) Collection's Highlight and Sculpt Contour Kit.
I didn't buy this product based on a recommendation, I just came across it whilst I was browsing.. However I did go with the intention of buying a contour kit. I'm by no means a pro at the whole highlighting and contour art and after a few weeks of trying to create the look with products I already own, I decided to invest in one.
For me this was the product that looked the easiest to use and so I thought it would be perfect for me. It is really easy to use if you have the right shaped brushes, the contour colour is perfect for my skin tone as its nit too dark/orange and the highlight leaves a glisten on your face without being too shimmery. A great product in my eyes but I'm sure that there are many similar products by other brands also available.
3) Collection's Sheer Loose Powder.
I was wanting to try a loose powder rather than a pressed powder as they seem to better at keeping your make up in place and I also think they are better for my skin.. I often get patches on dry skin and the loose powder has worked much better as it doesn't cling to my skin like the pressed powder did.
This product was fairly cheap with it again being from 'Collection' but I really like how it sits on my skin and I will definitely be sticking with loose powders in future but I may invest in a more high end one if anyone has any recommendations ?
4) Collection's Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer.
I saw this mentioned in one of 'LucyandLydia's' favourites videos and I may have seen it in one of Gabby's videos from 'Velvetgh0st'. I was slightly sceptical at first because to me a good concealer is something that you need to spend money on in order to get one with the best coverage. I have quite bad dark circles under my eyes and so I need a concealer with pretty heavy coverage.
However I was extremely pleased with how it works in terms of coverage, it feels quite heavy when you first out it on but once it's all blended out it feels really nice. For the price I cannot recommend this enough, I will definitely be buying it again!
5) Maybelline's 24hr Colour Tattoo in Shade '65-Pink Gold'.
For me my go to eyeshadow product is 'Urban Decay's Naked Palette' I absolutely love it and the shades are perfect for me, so it's very rare that I buy eye products of this type. However, I have seen this mentioned by various you tubers and as I was needing a pinky toned eyeshadow to match my birthday outfit I decided to give it a go.
The product goes on really well, it works as a great base for your eyeshadow and the colour is really buildable. At first I didn't think the colour was very pigmented but after building it up I saw a difference and it was perfect for my night out. I will definitely be looking at buying some more golden/brown tones in this as they provide a great base for any eye look.
6) Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in Shade 'No 53 Light Beige'.
Foundation shopping is something I have always struggled with, my skin reacts with certain foundations and throughout the day they can turn orange which is awfully embarrassing as you can imagine. I even had my make up done at MAC for my prom and the same thing happened, so I don't tend to try new foundations all that often but my friend swears by this foundation as does the blogger 'Sarah Ashcroft' and so I gave it a go.
The first thing to say is how nice smelling this product is, it's really fruity. It provides medium-full coverage depending on how much you apply and has been a really great match for my skin tone, and up until now I've had no 'orange burst outs' thank god aha! I think my favourite product from those purchased would have to be this foundation and also the lipstick so if you are looking at buying any of these that would be my recommendation.
So if you've made it this far thank you for reading, I also apologise if this post is quite long. I'm still learning and would rather there but a little more content rather than not enough. If anyone has any drugstore recommendations please let me know and I'll be sure to try them out.
Abbyyelise xx

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