Sunday, 22 November 2015


So I turned 21 on the 3rd November and I literally had the best week ever, I like to make my birthday celebrations last more than a day and since it was my 21st they lasted almost a week heheh. I had to make the most of my last 'big birthday' as my next will be when I turn 30 which I can't even bare to think about just yet.

Anyway as you can tell by the title this post is going to be a 'what I got for my 21st birthday,' when scrolling through blogs and flicking through YouTube videos I'm always to drawn to these type of posts. I think it's mainly because I am useless at creating birthday/Christmas lists and so these often give me ideas. So as Christmas is coming up I thought I'd post this and it may give you some ideas as to what you may want.

I'll try and include links to the products if they're available.

  • Me and my boyfriend (Jack) have made it a habit to take each other away each time it's on of our birthdays. However, in April we moved into a rented house whilst we save for a mortgage and so I didn't expect that he'd take me away due to this. So when we went out for breakfast the day before my birthday and he told me I was surprised but really looking forward to it. We went to The Mill Hotel in Chester, it's located either side of the canal with an indoor bridge joining each half of the hotel. They also had a canal boat where you could dine whilst going round the canal, this was closed when we went as it was a weekday but the restaurant was so beautiful and the food was fab! So he did well, maybe even better than somewhere I would have chose and to make it even better we went to Chester Zoo the next day :).
  • My big present from my mum and stepdad was my iPad, I initially asked for a Micheal Kors bangle but i knew that having an iPad would allow me to start blogging and so I asked for that instead. They also got me the top that is in the picture below.
  • My sister bought me the 21 glass in the picture and also the little hanging sign which is so true, I nearly bought this for her as a present for Christmas because it sounded like us. She also treated me to the Pandora princess ring that I have wanted for soooooo long and I love it!!
  • I also got two charms from Pandora both which represent me turning 21, one from my boyfriends parents along with some bubbly and the other one from my auntie. You can see them on my bracelet below, and they can be found on the Pandora website along with the ring and so much more lovely jewellery (especially the rings, I could buy nearly all of them if only I had more fingers.)
  • My Nanan and Grandad bought me this river island watch >> As you can see it's rose gold with a strip of leopard print down the middle of the strap. I really like their watches because they are super affordable but look like they are worth much more, I've even been asked once or twice if mine is a Micheal Kors one (which I can't afford whilst saving to buy a house, maybe after.)
  • I got a new dressing gown, which makes me sound like an old lady but hey everyone loves a dressing gown. I currently work at next and I'm forever saying how soft their dressing gowns are and so my stepsister bought me this one >>
  • Last but not least I got this mustard misguided jacket from my auntie >> I've seen thus on various people's blogs/instagrams and have contemplated buying it for a while so when she asked me what I wanted I told her to get this and she did.

  • As well as all these lovely presents I also got birthday money and went on a little shopping trip (when I say little I actually didn't buy loads but I have spent all my birthday money now). Just a few pictures below to show some of the things I bought, I don't have pictures of all the clothes I bought but here's some.
Make-up: Superdrug
Pink Leather Skirt: River Island
Black Top: River Island

Hope you enjoyed this post, whilst getting the links I've seen a few items on misguided so I may write a 'misguided must haves' or some sort of wishlist type blog post rather soon :) If anyone has any suggestions on what posts to do then please let me know.

Abbyyelise xx



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